Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Got offer from Google

It was around 9:15 am on 16th October, I woke up from my bed...did the usual prayer while opening the eyes and the first thing, I did was saw my mobile phone. Wat do, I see now 1 MISSED CALL. Guess who it was???? Yes the call was from Google Inc's HR. I gave a call back to check wat was the call about???

HR said: "Raghavendra hi, your papers have been approved by our US team and You have been selected. Congralutions" I was literally on air. happiness knew no boundaries...the moment i heard this I started jumping n danging.....since i was on call, I could not do it for a long.

She said we will be giving you the offer letter tomorrow....This one day was really heavy for me...I said ok.

It was around 2:30 in noon the HR calld me again and said , I will extend the offer to you now will taht be fine....I said ya great. Got the offer n Google rocks man.

The offer letter said joining date will be 30th October, I was happy but had the doubt will these guys (My current employer) relieve me on time? I said ok to sheela but still had that doubt, will I releived???

I went to my manager and explained him the whole senario, he said its great to know that u will be joining a firm like Google but sorry we cannot releive you by 30th, we have made strict rule to releive all the employees only after 1 months notice.

Things went on....I am joining Google on 13th November.

"Nothing is my efforts everything is his grace"