Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lunch with a leader

It was around 12:20 pm in the noon on April 4th 2007, I was eagerly waiting for a special person on lunch table to join us (me & my team mates) it was none other than Director of Google India Mr. Roy Gilbert. Roy heads our entire operations in India and has a great background.

The lunch started with formal introduction and then followed by some official talk’s n finally concluded by thanks. The take away for me from the lunch was:

1. True leaders are always positive in there talks, expressions, answers …literally everything. In short they are people with Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
2. Makes every employee feel they are special and important to organization
3. Always ready to take more and more responsibilities
4. They have mission n Vision
5. They are always focused on solutions n not problems

The list goes on n on n on……But what, I truly feel is every never miss an opportunity (if you get any) to have lunch, dinner, coffee or spend time with leaders of your organization. The personal experience will give you more insight into a leader’s life than any books can.

I am desperately waiting for many such sessions ahead.