Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Love Infosys

Sitting in building 39 (1st floor) tearing my hair apart to generate some content for one of the product launches I look outside the window, I see a gang of youngsters at a coffee day chilling out discussing some cool stuff I guess. I then decided to take a walk to the coffee day to grab a cappuccino (Irish flavor) while I took the walk I was enjoying the fountain and beautiful (Infosys Bangalore Campus). When I reached to grab the coffee I saw the date June 6, 2012. Does it remind me of some event? Yes, last year this day, I was awestruck stepping into this massive campus (Infosys Bangalore India) for the first time. I smiled and congratulated on completion of this wonderful 1 year :) this journey at Infy was so amazing and exciting I didn’t realize my calendar flipping 12 pages. Since, I am a social media enthusiast I could not hold myself back and started tweeting and updating on all the social channels.

Fig 1: This is the arieal view of Infosys Mysore campus (the structural marvel - INFOSYS)

After an hour one of my colleagues realized and wished me over the lunch table. Then my phone started buzzing constantly all the wonderful people I have worked with and friends I have known from school and college days were pinging to talk to me. To my surprise the calls were more to enquire what I am doing in Infosys than to wish me happy anniversary. A very good friend of mine works for world’s largest software product firm calls me to say “Oye pagala gaya hai kya…infy mein kya kar raha hai tu? Apna stream kyun chod diya? Services company mein kya kara raha hai?” (For my English readers he said: “Have you gone crazy…What are you doing in infy? Why did you changes your stream from products company to services major? ). It did not make sense to me to respond or give him the reasons why I love working at Infy or what I do at Infy? But after repeated questions from many such friends I thought it was worth blogging about it. So here is my Infosys Anniversary edition :)

I hope this blog will also serve some help to new Infosicions or laterals willing to join Infosys.

It truly is a different experience working for product company Vs Services major but here is the catch we @ Infosys have a PPC (Products Platforms and Cloud team) this gives you a twin benefit: gives you a start-up environment (Innovation engine) + Core focus on developing cutting-edge products.
Pic 2: I created this logo (I am not sure if this is a copyright violation - reuse @ your own risk)

Okay here is a very short list of things you will enjoy @ Infosys Bangalore (rather I love):

• Lush green massive campus (more than me my lungs love this campus) – nascent oxygen which is otherwise rare to find in Bangalore campus.

• Vibrant crowd – If you opt to travel by bus, during the morning hours at the entrance you get to see the vibrant young and enthusiastic employees entering the campus. Every time I see the crowd I feel I am in a university (I love being in a university or academic setup).

• There is always so much to learn from your peers, PSD (Professional Skills Development) so many to list down

• If you love reading and exploring books – Infosys has a humongous library

• The list is never ending (Food courts, activity clubs for bikers, runners, circket…….)

Though, I miss working @ product companies, I enjoy life here at Infosys. It is so much fun to be here. Feel free to write to me if you need any further information.

Disclaimer: (1) The images used and the thoughts in this blog are entirely mine and not my employers.

(2) I have typed and posted this from my BlackBerry Playbook – please ignore grammatical and semantic errors :)