Tuesday, October 16, 2007


One of the few good things that I feel I did durning my stay in wellington was collecting list of movies that, I need to watch. It was the joint effort of three brains working on the project i.e Me, Anand and Manoj I some how managed to watch couple of them and found them all intresting. So thought of sharing the list...Happy watching.

Phone Booth (Colin Farrell)

Brave Heart (Mel Gibson)

King Arthur

Few Good men (Tom)

Life is beautiful

pursuit of happyness


Nayagan (TML)

kannathil muthamittal (TML)


The usual suspects

The Rock

Khadalika marithey (TML)


Bowling for columbine

Fareinheit 9/11

Chak de India (HND)

The god father

Schlindlers list

Rocky (Series)

Saving private man

Silence of the lambs

Sixth sense

Million dollar baby

Shawlin soccer

Kill bill (1&2)

Passion of the christ

Ong Bak

Da vinci code

Hotel Rwanda

Black hawk down

catch me if you can

City of God (Watch alone :))


Erin brockovich

The pelican brief

Finding nemo

Lion king



Minority report

Water world

Shann of the deae

Hot Fuzz




Artifical Intelligence

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pearl of wisdom

It was a drive to a mall to eat Indian dishes in this foreign city (Wellington), our car had hit the parking space at dot 6 and we entered the mall at 6:10pm again in Wellington 6:00pm is 6:00 and not 6:10...the mall was closed and we missed our dosa. I was little disappointed missing the delight and got back into my seat fastening the seat belt hastily :(. My cousin Anand who accompanied me to the mall noticed that I was disturbed for missing the dosa after a long drive of 13kms, he got down to convince me that “What ever happens, happens for good”, what happened next was worth missing the dosa. I got the pearl of wisdom which I am sharing in the log now:

Ages ago, there was a kingdom which had a great king and able ministers.
There was a minister of which the king was very fond of, who always believed in an age old adage, "whatever happens happens for the good".

Once when the king and this minister where having their bouts with the sword, the king’s finger was cut. Then immediately, the minister advised the king not to worry and said "whatever happens happens for the good".

This infuriated the hurt king, who expelled the minister and jailed him.
To which again the minister exclaimed the same saying "whatever happens, happens for the good".

After some days the king went for hunting.
The king lost track and was trapped by the barbaric tribes.
This tribe had a ritual of sacrificing men to their God for the welfare of the tribe.

Before the king was to be sacrificed, it required, that person be physically examined if he was without any amputations.
They found that the king had his finger amputated, because of which the king was freed.

The king returned and immediately released the minister apologising him and explained to him how he was saved.
The minister did not accept the apologies and instead exclaimed the same saying and said that jailing him was for his good.

When asked why, the minister explained that if he was not jailed, he would have accompanied the king and the tribes would have sacrificed him instead.

So "whatever happens happens for the good".

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Thought for the day n for the life!!

Today is a May day or international labor day we are working in our office at google. Thank god we are no more a labor but an executive :) the reason for me to post this article is that, I came across a saying which one of my Friend/colleague (shital Rai) has written as her status message on her Gtalk, I was so impressed by the statement that within no time I asked her permission to post it on my blog, here you go:

“Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”

It is so good to see such inspirational quotes as status message. I have decided to follow the same path and put nice sayings/quotes as my status message.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lunch with a leader

It was around 12:20 pm in the noon on April 4th 2007, I was eagerly waiting for a special person on lunch table to join us (me & my team mates) it was none other than Director of Google India Mr. Roy Gilbert. Roy heads our entire operations in India and has a great background.

The lunch started with formal introduction and then followed by some official talk’s n finally concluded by thanks. The take away for me from the lunch was:

1. True leaders are always positive in there talks, expressions, answers …literally everything. In short they are people with Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
2. Makes every employee feel they are special and important to organization
3. Always ready to take more and more responsibilities
4. They have mission n Vision
5. They are always focused on solutions n not problems

The list goes on n on n on……But what, I truly feel is every never miss an opportunity (if you get any) to have lunch, dinner, coffee or spend time with leaders of your organization. The personal experience will give you more insight into a leader’s life than any books can.

I am desperately waiting for many such sessions ahead.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Doing First things First (DFTF)

Here is a piece of management lesson that, I am planning to implement in my life. I hope to see the positive results soon.

I am most popularly known as Mr. Multi-tasking by most of my friends and family members, the reason being that, I love to do more than 1 task at the same time. (Ex: I joined both M.Tech n MBA same time with just 6 months difference)

Problem description:
The main problem in this multi tasking business is you end up doing less important work first than the most important ones. Very often we fail to prioritize the tasks and end up doing things that are less important than doing the more important ones. (I never say multi tasking is bad instead it is good if you know to prioritize things)

Proposed solution:
Here are the ways to solve the problem described above:
1. Always make a list of projects you want to accomplish (Short term, long term and mid term). Now assign points to each project on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being most important project and 10 being least important) based on the scores take up the project.
NOTE: People like me who are ok with multi tasking can do the two most important projects first followed by the next most important projects, else you can do one things at a time.
2. It is always good to attach deadlines to the projects (It will keep you focused and has little positive pressure which is always good)
3. Make sure every single task you do is in line with your goal (i.e. every simple thing you do should take you near to your goal)

If you are planning to implement the same then do let me know about the results.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Feels so good to be back home

The last weekend24th March to 26th was the most memorable one. I had been to my Grand father’s place (Mantralyam) to visit him (Sri Raghavendra Swami) after a long time of 5 months. The only place, I feel were love is in air, ur spirits are always high n u r always recharged to take n accomplish new projects in life.

I strongly recommend my friends to visit Mantralayam atleast once to have the best moments for life time.

There are various temples to visit at mantralyam: main temple bing Raghavendra Swamy temple, Manchalamma temple, venkateswara swami temple is in old mantralyam, Tunga river flowing just behind the temple, panchmuki is one of best and effective god shrine about 15km from mantralyam (Auto drivers charge 20 per person and if u take a bus its 5 Rs).

Away from all the typical job routine and usual life u get a chance to do seva (Service) for both god (Inside the temple premises) and fellow humans (Poor people outside the temple). Every time, I am at Mantralyam I feel so energetic and homely.

Some facts and figures about Indian circket

Finally our players came home yesterday (29/march/2007) after loosing the World cup in the early stage. I was shocked to know the following facts:

1. BCCI is the richest circket board in the world (BCCI = 2* all the cricket boards of the world)

2. Indian Cricket players are the only players involved so much into advertisement

3. The head of BCCI sharad powar does not hold any sports experience or academic qualification

4. Highest number of fans following the team

The list goes on n on n on......but wats the use of all the resources when we don’t have a dedicated team.

Friday, March 23, 2007

AD industry n Circket (World cup 2k7)

I am not sure if this is true but today, I heard couple of my colleagues at Google saying various MNC's (Major example AIRTEL) have invested a huge money in India for advertisement. The total amount lost estimated comes to 20,00,00,000 if India happens to loose the match today...It high time for us to pray for our Team Blue.

Hope history repeats we get the cup back :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Power of Positive thinking

I had been thinking reading n discussing a lot about the topics like positive thinking, Success, attitude, law of attraction. Its seriously good to read inspirational books but I some how feel all these books convey the same message:

-Swami Vivekananda

Still, I recommend ppl to read the following books:

The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker
Megaliving by Robin Sharma
Monk who sold his ferrari by Robin Sharma
7 Habits of highly effective ppl by Covey
First things first by Covey
How to become CEO

And Loads n loads of books...I just dont remember them all.

If u guys need any of these books or good management books....Leave a comment with ur e-mail ID, I will send them over (ebooks).

Monday, February 26, 2007

ICFAI Another example of poor customer support and cheating

I think the month of February is dedicated to write reviews on organizations that Sucks :) big time.

One more classic example on our way is ICFAI University, the money making university which cares least about its distance education students. I had recently conducted a survey in my office and mailing lists before posting this article. 29 out of 36 students lost there money because of this so called business school. Here are the reasons that make ICFAI the top ranked fake university:

1. They sell there own old question papers for 100/paper
2. The grading system is not transparent
3. Every time they make u flunk in exams and ask u to pay a huge amount for re-exam
4. Even after completing the exams u never know what was right and what was wrong
5. The phone numbers on website are Crap…everytime u call them with doubt all u hear is hello and a bang sound
6. They say easy EMI for fees and charge you royally for RS. 65000+ (Even top b-schools like Symbiosis charge u 20 k for distance MBA)
7. Out of every 100 students joining ICFAI only 10 get there degree

The list goes on and on and on……….

I don’t want my friends or relatives or my blog readers to loose there money or being cheated. So think ….n^n times befor joining this university

Monday, February 19, 2007

Best Customer Service Vs Worst Customer Service

I had a couple of experinces in recent past with cell phone service providers in India. I had taken a Reliance connection which was never activated for almost 15 days after purchase inspite of giving them all the necessary documents like passport, electricty bill n telephone bill (True copies). Every time you call up Reliance customer care they give some weared explanation to satsify you. Finally the retailer (Pioneer Communication at Kachiguda Hyderabad) helped me out with this issue by replacing my brand new Reliance connection with Airtel connection. The Business World magzine of this week states that Vodofone has acquired Hutch for $16 billion hope Indians can expect a better service from the new mobile services.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It is Awesome to work in World's best place Google!!!!

As usual Google has re-written the standards for the best company to work for on the planet EARTH!!!! Fortune magazine conducted a survey of over 100,000 employees across 450 plus companies to decide the best place to work in this world, no doubt Google was ranked NUMBER 1. Click here to read the article from Fortune Magazine.

What makes Google No 1? The list of the answer goes on and on and on...As I always say Google is the employee centric company it believes employees are the most valuable ones for the company. Experts like Jordan Rohan (Jordan Rohan is a internet analyst. His consistent track record in calling the ups and downs of search companies makes his thoughts and insights well worth attention) say:

Google = Corporate Campus + University Playground.

A company that was started by 2 PhD students with a million dollar is now 150 billion dollar company. The company that believes in the fact that "Don’t be Evil" has 9000 brave soldiers (Dedicated employees) working for it world wide.

Google has out ranked its competitors with a huge difference in many aspects, some of the facts and figures are:

Best company to Work for Google – 1 Yahoo- 44 Microsoft- 50

Dream company for scholars Google- 1 Yahoo n Microsoft I am not sure 

Number of Resumes sent for Jobs: Google 25 EVERY SECOND Yahoo n Microsoft few resumes per minute or day.

Number of new users per month Google- 75 million, Yahoo n Microsoft need not say its much less 

In fact we can say Google does not have any comparison for the speed with which it is progressing for example: Youtube was taken over by paying 1.65 billion dollar's which no company would ever dare to do, tie-up with Nasa.........

I wish Google all the best and would love to see it on Top in every aspect of business and Technology.

Comments are Welcome.


Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year 2007 at Srishilam

It's been a long time since i had been to awesome place :) so thought new year would be the right time to visit trult beautiful place (Srishilam). It’s around 180 KM's from Hyderabad (This includes 60 Kms in forest/ghat). Some of the must see place in and around Srishilam are:

Patala ganga (U need to take a rope way to reach here for boating)

Kadli vana: It is belived that great saint Akka mahadevi did her penance in this place before she had the darshana of Lord Siva.

Shikar was the next place of visit. Its on a hill top around 10 KM's from Srishilam, it is believed that if u are able to see the kalsha (The olden structure on top of shiva temple) you will attain moksha (U will not have any re-birth's)

I felt this was the best way to celebrate New year...We had a great time reached Hyderabad on Jan/1/2007 in the night. It took almost 2 days to come out of that beautiful holiday mood.