Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pearl of wisdom

It was a drive to a mall to eat Indian dishes in this foreign city (Wellington), our car had hit the parking space at dot 6 and we entered the mall at 6:10pm again in Wellington 6:00pm is 6:00 and not 6:10...the mall was closed and we missed our dosa. I was little disappointed missing the delight and got back into my seat fastening the seat belt hastily :(. My cousin Anand who accompanied me to the mall noticed that I was disturbed for missing the dosa after a long drive of 13kms, he got down to convince me that “What ever happens, happens for good”, what happened next was worth missing the dosa. I got the pearl of wisdom which I am sharing in the log now:

Ages ago, there was a kingdom which had a great king and able ministers.
There was a minister of which the king was very fond of, who always believed in an age old adage, "whatever happens happens for the good".

Once when the king and this minister where having their bouts with the sword, the king’s finger was cut. Then immediately, the minister advised the king not to worry and said "whatever happens happens for the good".

This infuriated the hurt king, who expelled the minister and jailed him.
To which again the minister exclaimed the same saying "whatever happens, happens for the good".

After some days the king went for hunting.
The king lost track and was trapped by the barbaric tribes.
This tribe had a ritual of sacrificing men to their God for the welfare of the tribe.

Before the king was to be sacrificed, it required, that person be physically examined if he was without any amputations.
They found that the king had his finger amputated, because of which the king was freed.

The king returned and immediately released the minister apologising him and explained to him how he was saved.
The minister did not accept the apologies and instead exclaimed the same saying and said that jailing him was for his good.

When asked why, the minister explained that if he was not jailed, he would have accompanied the king and the tribes would have sacrificed him instead.

So "whatever happens happens for the good".

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Anonymous said...

nice article to read,liked the story embedded in it.after a long time u wrote and wrote superbly.
thats why people say,whatever happens,happens for good.ha ha ha
-Ashwin Kulkarni