Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sooo many things and soo less time

Life is becoming insanely busy, there is soo much of work in office:

My second book is eternally on hold (unable to pen single word)

PhD - suspend for 6 months (reason: No progress)

Paper to be presented - no progress

Cycling - frequency has reduced from daily to bi-weekly to weekly (I am hoping to atleast keep this going)

Photography - I have no clue were on this earth is my camera

Buy Tab - rotting on my wish list

Running - its been a month i got into my running shoes (This obviously means no marathons for next few months)

Body Fat - Working lunch, pizazz, coffee, ice-creams - Thank you - increased body fat and weight

Personal life - I used to have a great one

Blogging and writing - struggling to post/write :(

Conclusion - Get back to normal life in next 2 weeks.