Monday, February 26, 2007

ICFAI Another example of poor customer support and cheating

I think the month of February is dedicated to write reviews on organizations that Sucks :) big time.

One more classic example on our way is ICFAI University, the money making university which cares least about its distance education students. I had recently conducted a survey in my office and mailing lists before posting this article. 29 out of 36 students lost there money because of this so called business school. Here are the reasons that make ICFAI the top ranked fake university:

1. They sell there own old question papers for 100/paper
2. The grading system is not transparent
3. Every time they make u flunk in exams and ask u to pay a huge amount for re-exam
4. Even after completing the exams u never know what was right and what was wrong
5. The phone numbers on website are Crap…everytime u call them with doubt all u hear is hello and a bang sound
6. They say easy EMI for fees and charge you royally for RS. 65000+ (Even top b-schools like Symbiosis charge u 20 k for distance MBA)
7. Out of every 100 students joining ICFAI only 10 get there degree

The list goes on and on and on……….

I don’t want my friends or relatives or my blog readers to loose there money or being cheated. So think ….n^n times befor joining this university