Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Money mantra

Off-late I have developed a great interest in the personal finance field. I never believed in opening a pension account or having a savings account or investing smart in shares. After following couple of personal finance blogs from past 2 years I was delightedly surprised by the changes in my life:

• I think twice before swiping my credit card at fancy malls now
• I talk to executives in banks to wavier service/customer service charges on my account
• I review my account statements twice a month to realize the mistakes I have committed and my future action plans

I recommend all you guys out there to read the following blogs to find interesting and helpful tips on personal finance:

I can list more than 25 sites but I feel these 3 sites will be of great help to you.

Have fun and become rich.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome (My first ever hindi moviereview/rating)

I had been to Gulbarga for a long weekend and as usual the trip involved having fun, biking around, eating and watching movies. This time I had decided to watch the most happening movies in bolloywood Welcome and TZP. I went with Dr.Ravindra to one of the leading video studios in gulbarga to enquire for the movies when we reached the shop we realized that neither of the CD’s were available…then we decided to watch any other good English movie..when we asked the shop owner to suggest some movies he was not able to recommend a single good movie J I now realized how useful my watchlist was which I published in my previous blog.

Now coming to the point Welcome is a comedy from the producers of “Hera Pheri” and “Phir Hera Pheri”, the director of “No Entry” and the distributors of “Jab We Met”, this mega Christmas release boasts of lavish locales, chartbusting music (Himesh Reshammiya, Sajid-Wajid, Anand Raj Anand) and major star power; all making it the biggest knockabout comic caper of 2007.

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal are together is comedy and fun. Though Akshay does not have a big share in the movie to exhibit his talent…true show winners are Nana and Anil kapoor.

Nana plays Uday Shetty, a don whose sister Sanjana (Katrina) falls for Rajiv (Akshay) whose uncle Dr Ghungroo (Rawal) wants him to be married to a family with no criminal record. In a comedy of errors, Rajiv falls in love with Sanjana and is now faced with the prospect of marrying someone from a crime based family or face mafia style death. The punch line of the movie, which says Marry or die, goes well with the scenario.

The selling point of this movie is the dialogues and the funny situation where Rajiv tries to transform mafia’s into good citizens. The forced masala and inclusion of Mallika makes the movie little dull. Coming to comedy, the rare comic parts in the movie are when Nana, the don tries his hand at acting in a movie and is courted by Mallika Sherawat. Partly funny are scenes where Anil Kapoor turns painter and is courted by Sherawat again. The climax part has typical Masala comedy is too pointless to be even discussed.

It is worth watching on your PC with your family and friends when you do not have any better work to do than killing the time. It’s definitely not a good idea to watch the movie in the theater. As for the songs, most of them are way below average and are all thoroughly ill timed.

You can rate the movie as 3.5 of 5.