Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It is Awesome to work in World's best place Google!!!!

As usual Google has re-written the standards for the best company to work for on the planet EARTH!!!! Fortune magazine conducted a survey of over 100,000 employees across 450 plus companies to decide the best place to work in this world, no doubt Google was ranked NUMBER 1. Click here to read the article from Fortune Magazine.

What makes Google No 1? The list of the answer goes on and on and on...As I always say Google is the employee centric company it believes employees are the most valuable ones for the company. Experts like Jordan Rohan (Jordan Rohan is a internet analyst. His consistent track record in calling the ups and downs of search companies makes his thoughts and insights well worth attention) say:

Google = Corporate Campus + University Playground.

A company that was started by 2 PhD students with a million dollar is now 150 billion dollar company. The company that believes in the fact that "Don’t be Evil" has 9000 brave soldiers (Dedicated employees) working for it world wide.

Google has out ranked its competitors with a huge difference in many aspects, some of the facts and figures are:

Best company to Work for Google – 1 Yahoo- 44 Microsoft- 50

Dream company for scholars Google- 1 Yahoo n Microsoft I am not sure 

Number of Resumes sent for Jobs: Google 25 EVERY SECOND Yahoo n Microsoft few resumes per minute or day.

Number of new users per month Google- 75 million, Yahoo n Microsoft need not say its much less 

In fact we can say Google does not have any comparison for the speed with which it is progressing for example: Youtube was taken over by paying 1.65 billion dollar's which no company would ever dare to do, tie-up with Nasa.........

I wish Google all the best and would love to see it on Top in every aspect of business and Technology.

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Anonymous said...

Proud to be a Googler!!!

Raghavendra said...

YES, definately proud to be a googler. I forgot to write, I gained 8kg's in 2 months after joining Google...yummy food n breakout :)

Harish Nair M said...

Im Feeling Lucky :)

Vidya said...

Awesome blog... I loved the facts you gave about Google. I didnt know about it!!!!

Lets admit.. Most of us didnt!!!