Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year 2007 at Srishilam

It's been a long time since i had been to awesome place :) so thought new year would be the right time to visit trult beautiful place (Srishilam). It’s around 180 KM's from Hyderabad (This includes 60 Kms in forest/ghat). Some of the must see place in and around Srishilam are:

Patala ganga (U need to take a rope way to reach here for boating)

Kadli vana: It is belived that great saint Akka mahadevi did her penance in this place before she had the darshana of Lord Siva.

Shikar was the next place of visit. Its on a hill top around 10 KM's from Srishilam, it is believed that if u are able to see the kalsha (The olden structure on top of shiva temple) you will attain moksha (U will not have any re-birth's)

I felt this was the best way to celebrate New year...We had a great time reached Hyderabad on Jan/1/2007 in the night. It took almost 2 days to come out of that beautiful holiday mood.

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