Monday, February 19, 2007

Best Customer Service Vs Worst Customer Service

I had a couple of experinces in recent past with cell phone service providers in India. I had taken a Reliance connection which was never activated for almost 15 days after purchase inspite of giving them all the necessary documents like passport, electricty bill n telephone bill (True copies). Every time you call up Reliance customer care they give some weared explanation to satsify you. Finally the retailer (Pioneer Communication at Kachiguda Hyderabad) helped me out with this issue by replacing my brand new Reliance connection with Airtel connection. The Business World magzine of this week states that Vodofone has acquired Hutch for $16 billion hope Indians can expect a better service from the new mobile services.

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Anonymous said...

Bhai everbody cannot be a google company[;)]