Saturday, September 18, 2010

5 New Things in life

I am Back to Blog (B2B) after 2 months. Job is keeping me very busy these days, working towards getting some new customers on board.

It had been wonderful quarter (June to Aug) on personal front. Here are few amazing things I have been doing over last 3 months that makes me feel good:

1. Biking: I have got into this new craze of biking. Brought a new TVS Apache RTR 180 on July 27, 2010. Became member of BBC (Bangalore bikers Club). Had been biking around in the city now, planning to drive to Savandurga next weekend. Last time I went for long drive was in Jan 2010 (during my book release) it was an amazing 440 KM drive on Pulsar 220 CC bike. We hired a bike in Pondicherry and drove to Tiruvanamali, tirkhoilur etc. I am hoping for lot of adventures to happen in the area. My collections currently include: Apache, HHonda SLD and Wave. Planning to buy a Thunderbird classic in Jan 2011 J

2. Reading: I some how felt because of the crazy schedule I have stopped reading books which is obviously bad L I have re-started my reading habit. Currently reading “Success Build to Last”. I had been to Avenue road over the weekend and I could purchase 63 amazing management books for just 4200 INR (all thanks to pirated and second hand books). Planning to read atleast 1 book per month.

3. Cooking: Since I am staying with dad at Bangalore my responsibility at home now includes Cooking. I have learnt many new dishes and have started experimenting with my cooking skills. I am not great at cooking though but I manage to cook tasty stuff.

4. PhD: There seems to be good progress in my PhD. I am expecting a paper to be published in next 2 months. I hope I can also start working on my thesis now.

5. Photography: in the recent past I have developed this new craze for photography. Got a new Sony – Zensis 14.1 MP camera. So far camera is great I was always told Sony does not make good cameras however I love this camera coz its GREEN!

So new hobbies and new things in life plus loads of office work is keeping me very busy these days. I have decided to blog at least twice a month now. Till then SayoNara

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vijay said...

Biking abha great going bro enjoy maduuuu