Wednesday, April 06, 2011

India Celebrates

Firstly: Congrats to all my fellow Indians we finally made it :)

Midnight of 14/15th August 1947 was a monumental moment for this country. People celebrated the independence at midnight. In different corners of the country. But my guess is that the happiness would have been guarded. Many were, in fact, going through the worst in their lives. The scars of partition, communal riots, the uncertainties for the political, economic and social future of the country – all of these would have tainted the happiness Indians felt. Many were fearing for their lives and future. The country had gained independence, but the people were divided. The absolute joy could not have been felt.

Midnight of 2nd/3rd April 2011 – Streets of all the cities, towns and villages in India has people celebrating. The reason is relatively trivial. India winning a world cup. But there is nothing to taint the enjoyment. Everyone is together. People on the streets will look like they are lunatics. But you know that they won’t harm you.

It’s ironical but the things that bring people are together are mostly not the ones that would intellectually be considered most important for the society. People come together to enjoy more trivial things.

I am not judging, only wondering.

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