Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Future Googlers with DP Rule!!!

It had been a long time desire for me to start a blog, which will consist of all the useful stuff (Technical and Non Technical). This idea turned into an action on April 3, 2006 after, I told sunya (My cute chaddi dost Sunil) about my plans to fly to New Zealand.

I want my first post on the blog to be very impressive (coz, I believe first impression leaves a deep impact).

I would love to introduce a concept called DP Rule (which is been coined by Vineetha Athrey and Swaroop my blog friends with very good blog's)

"The DP Rule:

The concept is "Determined about being determined, passionate about being passionate". Punch the next 6 months with the very best focus we can ever conjure up, and to hit upon exactly the kind of work we would want to do for the rest of our lives... In short planup the heighest things you want to achive and work towards it (Initially chosse the short term goal’s 6 months may be).

Here are the 3 best things about DP Rule:

  1. First of all: DAP would stand for Determination and Passion.
  2. Secondly, I love the meaning that "Dapper" stands for; which is, being elegantly stylish without being overtly flashy or ostentatious about it. It spells sophistication, and a sleek appearence.
  3. Thirdly: If a person who blogs is a blogger, a person who DAPs ( Follows the DP Rule for success: Patented by Swaroop and Vineetha) is "Dapper"!!! :)

”We even thought, that 7 months down the line when we succeed in achieving our targets, we could even go out and market this 'DP Rule for Success' and start an "Art of Dapping' cult and that will be a religion in itself. And you never know, we might even be the Larry Page and Sergei Brin( Google) of the success-mantra genre! ;)And the members of this 'Dappers' Corner' would be known as 'Dappers' . So that makes the two of us, 'The GodDappers' ;)

And it looks like Dapping is gonna work.... I have been able to consistently achieve all the small-term targets I've been setting for myself. Mom commented this morn' saying,

"Vini, you are acting like your life depends on this. Chill!

"But I realised that if I chill now, the rest of my life will be frozen!!

PS: What exactly is my plan for the next 7 months will be discussed, after 7 months. In the meanwhile, keep watching this space. Sometime later you all will be able to say, "We got to watch the growth of Dappers from scratch!" ;)” By Vineetha Athrey

Truly your's

Raghavendra Hunasgi


Shreenivas said...

Hi Raghu bhai...great post!!! keep up the good can visit blogs like and and get more ideas to improve your blog


Raghavendra said...

Thanks seenu will definately try and do my best

VineethaAthrey said...

U hav still not given the link to my post?? U can't straightaway copy from someone else's post like that!
I have told u its against Intellectual Property Rights! And I, as the writer of the original post seriously object to this!

VineethaAthrey said...

Welcome to the wrld of 'Blogging'!
Good to know that our Dappers' Rule has generated so much interest!:)