Friday, April 07, 2006

Thanks Giving!!

This is the most common thing but still ignored by most of us "Thanks Giving". The literal meaning of Thanks is to express our gratitude. How many of us thank or express gratitude to every small things that we encounter in our day to day busy life? Do we thank Auto wala or taxi wala after we get down from auto? Do we thank the hotel servers or cook when we face them? Most of the times the answer is "No".

The Thanksgiving holiday celebrated each November in the United States is known worldwide as an American custom, but its roots extend far back into human history. According to research conducted by The Center for World Thanksgiving at Thanks-Giving Square, the first Americans observed rituals and ceremonies to express gratitude to a higher power for life itself. A Seneca Indian ritual, for example, states, "Our Creator ... Shall continue to dwell above the sky, and this is where those on the earth will end their thanksgiving." Another quotation attributed to American Indians before Columbus is, "The plant has its nourishment from the earth and its limbs go up this way, in praise of its Maker ... like the limbs of a tree."

It is very important that we thank God for everything he has given us, its also equally important to thank every human we encounter in our day to day activity for all they do.

Isn't it nice when someone sends you a short note thanking you for the lovely dinner you shared, or the weekend you spent together? Doesn't it make you feel good - even great?
Sure it does.

If, I am asked to pen down the advantages of thanking, I would say it is tough to do that but some of the important advantages are:
  1. You make the person feel very good and happy
  2. You acknowledge the work in a very positive manner (you motivate them).
  3. Thank You notes are thought of as gracious and well mannered
  4. Thank You notes build trust
  5. Thank You notes demonstrate your commitment to service. (In Business or work)
  6. Thank You notes are the perfect way of introducing new products and services to your customers (and sleepy distributors). In other words, Thank You notes build relationships - the cornerstone of your business.

Every time someone buys something from you, send them a Thank You note. Every time someone gives you a referral, send them a Thank You note. Every time a new person signs up in your organization, send them a Thank You note. Every time some one does a seemingly insignificant task for you send a thank you note (The task may be server serving a cup of tea in a hotel e.t.c)

Here's the sweet story, I got from a reputed business magazine:

Tracey, a personal fitness trainer and friend of mine, sold a box of chewable vitamins from her Networking company to one of her clients. She sent a Thank You note as a follow up and included three business cards for possible referrals.

About a week later, during a baby shower at Tracey's client's house, one of the other moms there picked up the box of vitamins and asked about it. This prompted a conversation and the client passed out the rest of Tracey' s business cards.

Two moms bought vitamins, not only for their kids but for themselves as well.
Tracey sent out more Thank You notes to them. One of her new customers referred her sister, who bought a box, too. And on and on...

At the end of just one month, Tracey had eight new customers. One of them was seriously looking at joining her business!

Tracey didn't know these people from Eve.

The power of a Thank You note is awesome. It's one of your ultimate secret weapons. And isn't it great to live life and work with a sense of appreciation, anyway? As a side perk, you may even find that writing Thank You notes makes you feel great.

Don't prejudge this process, just do it. Please send me feedback on how the Thank You note process is working for you.

Truly yours,

Raghavendra Hunasgi (Raghav)


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