Friday, August 24, 2012

Entrepreneurship & Life lessons from Yukta

I woke up today at 6:30 to realize it was off for Yukta (her teacher’s had training to attend).  I obviously enjoy baby-sitting her. I wrote an email to my boss very hesitantly that I would work from home today on few pending stuff. What amazes me about kids (Yukta –specially) is the way they teach us lessons about every damn thing. I was reading an HBR Review (my boss sent this morning) on 14 lessons to learn from Steve jobs :) Personally Steve jobs is one of the finest creations of God to me (or for any struggling or wanna be entrepreneur). Then I was wondering there are so many things which Yukta already teaches me on everyday basis from these lessons. Everything this little kid spoke or did taught me tons of things. Here is a quick mashup of things you can learn from your kids about entrepreneurship or life:

  •          DO NOT FEAR – I was talking to BD (Desikamani) last night – did you know Humans are probably the only creatures that do not learn to swim when put in water after certain age – Reason  - FEAR. Children’s teach you to be Fearless.
  •          HONESTY – Kids are extremely honest since they are not aware of the art of manipulation – I wish Yukta stays the same all her life
  •          SPEAK YOUR MIND – They do not care to impress you nor are they aware if they hurt you – they speak their mind
  •          What they Think DO and Speak are all in Harmony (most important)
  •          Do what you love to do
  •          Give your 100% in everything you do
  •          Your best competitor is YOU – being brought up in a Brahmin Middle-class family we are used to comparing kids with siblings, friends, neighbour’s kids ……Yukta just doesn’t like it – I have noticed she believes in beating her own records…
  •          Love unconditionally
  •          FORGIVE and FORGET – I tend to lose my temper very quick when she doesn’t act the way I want her to – RESULT- I raise my voice and shout at her – She cries and gets upset but when you say Sorry and hug her – she Forgives and Forgets

The list will go on but I am truly surprised the lessons she teaches me everyday J It’s time for me to get back to work again.

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