Sunday, October 21, 2012

An outstanding Customer Delight Experience

After living in 8 countries and banking with close to 11 foreign banks (Royal Bank of Scotland, National Bank of New Zealand, Bank Of America to name a few) it takes a lot to say a nationalized bank in India is excellent. For most of the folks in IT and especially for people who have enjoyed priority banking with banks like Citi bank a nationalized bank would be the last resort. I have been juggling with the decision to buy a new car for quite some time now.  I have been talking to various financial institutions to decide on the final one to opt for car loan and every bank had enormous enthusiasm in the beginning and gradually started treating me (the prospect) as just another customer. One bank that gave the warmth and comfort of banking was SBH Indiranagar.   

The two key rockstars of this bank are: Mr. Mahesh Murthy and Mr. Pranesh Hunasgi. Mahesh is the branch manager, a very efficient leader and treats the customers with utmost warmth. My very first interaction with him made me feel I was in safe hands. On the other end Pranesh ensures that you understand the process, terms and everything related to your loan that a customer must know.

My relationship with SBH goes back 6 years when I first met their MD (MS. Renu Challa) a true visionary and then their next MD (Mr. Amithab Ghoa) during my tenure with Goldstone Technologies Ltd. This bank is keeping up to their vision statement: “To be the most preferred and trusted Bank”.  They have very nice online banking, Mobile banking and all latest technology adaptations. For more information click here.   

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