Monday, December 10, 2012

Social Media Marketing Honeymoon is over – HELL NO. IT JUST STARTED

Friday sunny morning – back-to-back meetings and I am glad I am working on some of the big bet product launches @Infosys with veterans. I landed on this article today morning: The Social Media Marketing Honeymoon Is Over which primarily says social media marketing is no more a preferred channel for marketing. David says Social media, social media marketing, and social networking have been the subject of much hype, buzz and marketing budget disruption for big and small business alike. May be true but the other side of story is many organizations have leveraged social media in multiple ways. For example we have had a phenomenal year @ Infosys in terms of Employer branding – within no time our FB page reached 1 million fans. Social media is not a passé it is the way organizations will do business for years to come.

Here are few points on how to create and sustain social as channel for an enterprise:

1. Create a Social Media strategy for your organization

2. Start treating social media like a tool that reaches out to customers

3. Stop believing it can magically conjure sales, if only you get it right

4. Realign your expectations to meet reality

5. Create a strategy to build on the achievements of your social media marketing

6. Be creative and innovative in how you look to further increase trust and engagement online

7. Make sure you know ways to measure your Social ROI

8. Re-visit your social media strategy

9. Be very relevant, honest and conversational - across all your social channels

If your organization does not have a social media strategies make one today. I will soon be writing about organizational social media goals for 2013 :)

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