Saturday, January 12, 2013

Awesome Stuff Online this week (ASO) - 1

I am in Volga conference room (Infosys towers office) - doing our final checks before we go for our big beat launch in Orlando (FL). For some reasons, I have always loved working on weekends it gives me an adrenal rush. I have also noticed on weekends my productivity is almost twice my productivity during weekdays :)

Okay, now coming to main topic. I have been reading some awesome blogs in recent past and wanted to share them with all my readers and wasn’t sure how do I do it. Now here is a million dollar idea :) I will post a blog every week that say’s: ASO this week. It will cover various aspects of life, management gyan, online stuff, social media tips and what not!! You name it you will find it here.

Without any further delay – here you go:

I have been a huge fan of Claire Diaz-Ortiz – she writes awesome stuff on social media. She has been working on a very interesting stuff “Bringing Vatican Pope onto Twitter”. During this project here are some awesome lessons she learnt:

I love her first point: In 2013, Everyone Needs to Be Social (Even the Pope).

Have you faced a rejection off late? How does it feel when someone rejects your proposal, idea, thought or anything??? I know it SUCKS :(

Read this:

Here is a quick look at rejection therapy by author himself:

“I was turned down by a prominent investor. I wanted the investment so bad that I had dreamt about it on five different occasions. The final rejection hurt as if Santa Claus showed up in person and told me he’s not real, and then ran away with my gifts.

I then turned inward, and wanted to focus on building myself with the necessary entrepreneurial skillsets. My experience revealed that my fear of rejection was real, so I wanted to tackle it first. I searched, and found Jason Comely’s Rejection Therapy concept through FounderDating Forum. I liked it so much and decided to do it right away, and vlog it to keep myself accountable to going through the whole 100 days.”

Happy reading :)

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